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Thursday, September 07, 2006

T minus 9 hours

Well, my first flight is at 0650 tomorrow. BA6898 operated by GB Airways to Gibraltar. I won't pretend I'm not nervous -- after all, the only thing I have for sure right now is an e-ticket and boarding pass that gets me to the Rock, one way! But I'm pretty certain everything'll go smoothly. Bit of an adventure tomorrow, although they do speak English and accept Sterling.

I just printed out a "48 hours in Gibraltar" guide to give me some ideas of what to do in the 7 or so I'll have, plus I've got a shitload of itineraries and confirmations from hotels and me passport in my new bag. I had to buy one because of the new regulations allowing only a 45x35x16cm bag as hand luggage. I did already have a bag (less than) that size but not really suitable for a laptop (ie with padding and the like). I'd looked in a whole bunch of places earlier this week and not found anything I fancied and this morning remembered that there's a luggage shop in Surbiton FFHS. Went in there and spoke to the guy who knew the required measurements and sorted me out pronto. Good boy!

Got my alarm set for 3am tomorrow morning and am going to go to bed pretty soon, see if I can't get the best part of 5 hours kip. Not going to be fun... but the day itself should be. Cab booked for 4am should get me to the airport for 4.30am, the lounge opens at 5am so I aim to double up on breakfast (lounge + flight) if possible, heh. Back tomorrow night but not in enough time to get back for a pint unless I paid for a cab, which I absolutely won't do from Heathrow, it costs way too much. x26 or 285 for me, innit.

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