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Friday, September 08, 2006

On (well, in) The Terraces

I've been on football terraces before but never in a BA Terraces lounge -- until now. They let me in via the FIRST (class) desk too ;-) It's just gone half five in the morning and I've been at Heathrow an hour already. Despite loads of signs all over the show saying "check-in opens 2 1/2 hours before departure", it wasn't (no desks for any airlines were). Mind you I'd checked in online yesterday at ba.com -- which, incidentally, said this 'ere lounge opens at 5am, but security didn't start letting people through until 0515.

Ah well. It was quite entertaining to witness what would amount to an episode of Airport/Airline after watching so many actual episodes of them on TV this week. First, someone tried to go through security -- the staff line, at that -- despite being on a flight leaving from Terminal 2 (this is T1). Then a couple tried to take 5 pieces of hand luggage through, 3 of them way too big -- it's not like the restrictions haven't been on the news or aren't plastered all over this place on massive posters FFHS. And finally, the guy immediately in front of me in the security line hadn't actually checked in for his flight, and didn't seem to understand the concept either.

Ah well. An hour or so until I have to get on my plane. The bar/fridges full of alcohol I'm facing as I type aren't as tempting as it might be. I don't think I'll have a beer until I've got the means to return from Gibraltar firmly in my hand, heh. Might go and see if I can get a fry-up or some cereal though, innit.

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