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Friday, September 22, 2006


What ace blogging exploits huh? Turns out that other than a few minutes in the lounge in Singapore airport on the way to Sydney, the first Internet access I've had (other than a bit of terrifyingly expensive 3G data roaming on my phone) is right now, in the Qantas business class lounge as I wait for my flight to Auckland. I've been staying with my brother Kevin and his wife Sally, who are currently renting a room in (Sally's sister) Mara's house. Turns out she has no home phone, no PC, no Internet connection. Frankly there was no way I was going to spend any time in Internet cafes to get online, nor could I be bothered carting my laptop around the city hunting for hotspots, so that's why silence has been maintained.

Been too busy anyway! Which means I have shitloads to write, but it's less than an hour 'til my flight starts boarding. On the plane I'm in seat 1A which may be dreadful, I dunno, it just sounds really cool. Got a whole bunch of emails to read, a few to write, and other stuff to check on rather than spend much time writing a huge entry here and now. I also have, I think, over 250 photos to upload -- which will probably take longer to do than I have here. Of course my Auckland hotel has wifi so once I'm settled in there later today I'll do a bit of writing. But if anyone is interested in a precis, here it is: Sydney is fucking fantastic.

That's all (for now).

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