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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dubai, Dubai, we're leaving you Dubai

Right then. Busy day ahead today. It's 8am right now and breakfast arrives in an hour, then I have to go to the hotel next door to get some money -- unless reception will give me some on my room account, I hope so -- before checking out and going on a few hours of open top bus tour goodness. Although, hmm, there's a free bus to the Mall Of The Emirates at 1030 so I might get that instead. Whatever. What's certain is that my Arabic breakfast comes first and I've not got a clue what any of the things in it are, I hope it's nice. I also need to sort out the cab I've got booked to the airport this evening. Check-in opens 3.5 hours before the flight, and there's a lounge, so I'll probably ask to get there for about 2230 I guess.

Leaving that late gives me the chance to visit Studio One one last time. After the first night I was wary of bothering but it's the only bar -- not restaurant -- here so I thought I'd give it another go last night. Within 60 seconds of arriving I was greeted with "Hi, a Heineken for you Sir?", heh. Had 3 drinks -- the last ordered just inside happy hour -- and a Hilton Megabite burger which is THE GREATEST BURGER EVER. Oh. My. Gosh. It was phenomenal! First off I was a bit surprised at being asked how I wanted it cooked and chose well-done, but when it arrived I was taken aback even more: it was huge, and came with bacon, cheese, and egg. And when I took a bite I was in full-on junk food culinary heaven. It was so nice. I can't imagine it was any good for me at all but I don't care. I let it settle while watching sport on TV and listening to the fatcat oil baron pissed-up Americans who spoke very similar to the South Park residents in the "they took our jobs!" episode on the table next to me, then came back to my room for a couple of episodes of Renegade before crashing out.

Hoping that my travel agent can bring my Sydney flight forward a day today. She says expertflyer.com isn't to be trusted 100%, but even if it's remotely accurate then a bunch of seats that my ticket is valid for have become available on Sunday over the last couple of days. I asked her to look yesterday but forgot that it was a bank holiday in Gibraltar because Sunday was "National Day", doh.

Right. Time to have a shower and pack up ready for the day. Next time I'm online will probably be from the UK tomorrow morning, hopefully after I've sampled the delights of the Molton Brown Spa in BA's T4 arrivals lounge!

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