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Monday, August 28, 2006

Being John Malkovich it is then

Sorted my watch out. By some miracle it appears I do have something that at least resembles a jewellers' screwdriver, and taking a couple of links out was easy enough.

Just put Being John Malkovich on after watching Pompey smack shit out of Middlesbrough. I was going to watch Apocalypse Now but it doesn't finish until 1am, eesh. Watched about 2 minutes of "The Invisible Maniac" (which is followed at 2255 by Toxic Avenger, no less) but it was too poor even for my tastes. BJM is a film my brother recommended I watch several years ago and along with Dodgeball, and more recently Zoolander, he was right about it being great. Last (and only, until now) time I saw it was on a plane, hopefully it'll be even more enjoyable on a real TV with decent sound and stuff.

My mate Ed just emailed me a knowhere URL where someone has claimed Paul Di'anno runs the Wilton pub in Salisbury. I've been to that pub and it was fucking great. Would have stayed even longer if I'd known that though!

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