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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Football vs the word "deserve"

If you use Google to search for "define:" followed by a word, you get back a dictionary definition or two for it. This is what you get for the word "deserve":

Definitions of deserve on the Web:

  • be worthy or deserving; "You deserve a promotion after all the hard work you have done"
  • To earn or merit a reward or punishment

  • Dictionary.com has quite a few more, so I'll not reproduce all of its definitions; just the following:
    –verb (used with object)
    1.to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation: to deserve exile; to deserve charity; a theory that deserves consideration.
    –verb (used without object)
    2.to be worthy of, qualified for, or have a claim to reward, punishment, recompense, etc.: to reward him as he deserves; an idea deserving of study.

    I wish someone would explain all this to every football player, manager, commentator and pundit. I am sick and tired of hearing them all trot out this fucking daft bollocks about "deserving at least a point", "deserving a win", and so on. No: you get a point if you score the same number of goals as your opponents, none if you score fewer and 3 if you score more. It's really that simple. If you scored 1, and your opponents scored 1, then you did not deserve 3 points. OK? OK. And while I'm at it, if someone heads the ball wide of the goal then they manifestly did not deserve to score. A good pass does not deserve a goal to be scored by the receiving player: it's just a good pass. And so on.


    Clare Griffiths said...

    hehe - you are me, I'm always moaning about this.

    auswomble said...

    who needs a hug? Mr Grumpy pants does! Nice work bro.

    Bischoff said...

    Haha, good luck on that one :)