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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wii Fat

23 days into my Wii Fit regime and I'm almost exactly the same weight/BMI as when I started. Specifically, my lightest weight was on day 3. When I first bought the thing I said to a few people that it was a game of chicken between losing weight/size, or the novelty wearing off. I think the novelty is winning :-(

The game itself says, and in fact it's common knowledge, that you need to give a new exercise regime a bit of time to yield results. But how long? I don't feel noticeably better, nor am I smaller. The missus says she thinks I'm looking trimmer, but I don't see it in the mirror myself. In fact looking in the mirror makes me far more miserable than it did before. Where I used to see a fat bloke who was fat because he didn't do any exercise, now I see a fat bloke who gets up 45 minutes earlier than before and does 10 minutes of boxing exercises each morning, a 20 minute jog most mornings, a few minutes of step basics 3 times a week, and wonders what the point of them all is.

NB those are all from the aerobic exercises designed to burn fat, but I do intersperse them with activities in the yoga, muscle workouts and balance exercises too; though mostly in those I discover that my balance and posture are already pretty good (I put that down to 20 months of MBT-wearing). I've also been carrying a deliberately heavy rucksack for the last 6-8 weeks to and from work; cut down my alcohol intake; started using the stairs instead of the lift most times at work, where I sit on the 4th floor; and mostly swapped what would previously have been a pastry or sandwich for some fruit, at breakfast and lunch.

It's really pissing me off. I might give it 'til 31 days out of stubbornness, but if I don't feel any better or get any smaller by then, someone's going to have to explain why I should continue bothering.


Brenda ... the other facilitator said...

Stop bothering ... why not enjoy walking between Leicester Sq and any other point >4km away (top of Primrose Hill, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, etc, etc) and back again ... endless number of adventures and fitness to be had!

Don't you spend enough time staring at a screen during the day? Why choose virtual fitness any longer?

Brenda ... the other facilitator said...

Of course, if you are tired of the walking ... allow me to suggest this: