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Monday, March 17, 2008

Walton wander

For the first time in over a month we actually went out for a walk... met up with Ed and Monica for the first time in ages on Saturday. It was meant to be a nice long wander and we decided to start from the Anglers at Walton on Thames, to walk along the Thames Path for a bit. I'd mis-remembered, thinking it was where we finished last time when it was in fact where we'd started. In the end it didn't matter because we didn't do very much at all; by the time we'd all got to the river it was tipping it down with rain, and instead of walking we went for a pub lunch. Once the food was finished it was dry out so we headed towards Sunbury Lock, but turned back when we reached The Weir pub because time was running short.

Total including car park to river to car park: 3.7 miles. Running total for the year: 30.4 miles. Number of days of the year to day: 77.


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auswomble said...

you'll catch right up on your mileage when you get to Tasmania