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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Special ho fun and other items

One of the local Chinese restaurants sells a dish called "Special ho fun". Its menu number is 121. One-to-one special ho fun. Excuse me?

Young's have stopped making Kew Brew. That sucks. But they are selling a limited edition beer called 175. Unfortunately their website makes no mention of either of these facts, bah. Anyway, it was vaguely amusing to get the "you do realise this is 7.5% don't you?" treatment when ordering my second 175 yesterday. I hadn't realised, but it didn't stop me. My word it's nice stuff.

FIND THIS RAPIST. Who could it be?

BA have given me 10,000 extra miles after I complained about the in-flight entertainment not working for half of the flight to Sydney last month. Go BA! And BMI have indeed given me silver membership of their frequent flyer programmer despite not having flown with for years.

Talking of miles, anyone fancy a weekend in Amsterdam or Dublin? I fancy going (I've just enough Virgin miles to get myself there for free* with BMI) sometime in the next couple of months. Has to be one of those two cities though I think.

I bought Tekken for the PSP the other day. First game in a while but something I'd been waiting for for a long time. The first twenty minutes were frustrating and I thought I'd be taking it back a la OutRun and Midway Arcade Treasures, but then I realised I wasn't on stupid-piss-easy-just-batter-fuck-out-of-the-buttons-and-you'll-win mode. Once I activated that I fell in love with it. But I'm thinking of buying Syphon Filter already. Damn it. I blame Yahoo!.

Oo-er. Dick Van Dyke is in this episode of Scrubs!

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