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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I just don't know what to do with myself

Hah! Take that, Halloween sleep patterns! Turns out this isn't my last day of freedom after all. Had a chat with my new boss this morning, and for various reasons -- he wasn't sure of the date; this week is busy; team meeting and a new starter arriving; my desk isn't ready; I may have failed a loyalty test -- my return to work has been postponed 'til next Monday. So that's fantastic news, but it has blindsided me a little. I've got 4 days spare now! Including today that is. My only plans for today were to chat to him about tomorrow and make a phone call or two, and I've done all that.

Maybe I'll go for a walk. I should sort out another 8 mile trek just so I can get an Eminem reference in 'cos I forgot to do so yesterday. Something about my palms being sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, losing myself in the music, the moment, etc. Except now I've ruined it by using it all up here. Pfft. Not doing no Proclaimers version instead though.

I'm going to spend some of today and tomorrow listening to my Samhain box set I think, since it's all appropriate and stuff. It being fucking superb helps 'n all.

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Fistynuts said...

Hey, good news about the extra few days off! As you can see my sleep patterns are a bit off-kilter too, but I've got no fatcattian excuse for it.
I agree about the Mastadon album - it's nearly good, nearly METAL, but the songs don't flow. Maybe I've been listening to Maiden for too long but it's almost like the CD is skipping from track to track at some points. I guess it might be a grower though.