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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dear bits of the world where I am, kindly stop warmongering, ta

Sigh. North Korea all over the news for having gone nuclear, with Japan (current location) and America (next location) giving it large in their response. If you could all stop hastening the end of days while I'm in the region, that'd be just peachy, ta.

Been a bit rubbish, had plenty of opportunity to write another blog entry or two over the last couple of days but just haven't bothered. And right now I'm about to get ready for a day trip out of town so won't get anything written today neither, unless I take my laptop and discover wireless on the train... which I'm not going to do, have a word. Maybe if I don't bother going out tonight I'll get last Wednesday and Thursday written up. You can extrapolate what I did from the Singapore set on flickr anyway if you're desperate to find out, although I don't think I took a photo of my shoes. Anyway, breakfast calls.

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