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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mmmm, pizza

Went out last night for a few Kew Brews with Wooj, then had pizza afterwards. PapaJohns now do online ordering, which is cool, and also let you order up to 30 days in advance, which is mental as fuck. I'm thinking of ordering myself one just before I leave the country so it's waiting for me when I get home. Also noticed this stuff on the menu: shitloads of extra toppings, it'd cost nearly 36 quid to buy a large pizza with every topping! And having chilli powder cost the same as any other topping seems a bit off.

Went round to see me Dad today. Other than being in constant pain he's alright, I guess. We went to Tesco and did a bunch of shopping, that was it really. Gonna pop round there again on Saturday or Sunday before gallavanting, I think he's gonna be OK while I'm off though.

Off out this evening for what will almost certainly be an inadvertent big 'un. Hasty always says he can't handle beer any more but whenever we meet up we don't half put it away, and with John coming along too (hopefully) ... still, not like i've got to get up tomorrow ;-)

Time for a bit of obligatory fatcatluxurytravel boasting: last week I contacted BA saying "Look, I know my membership year ends on Friday, but I'm about to fly loads with you. How about extending it for a bit so I can get a bit of higher status and benefits with you?" Turns out they were happy to oblige and extended it by 2 weeks; 6 days later I'd earnt enough "Tier Points" to make the next level, Silver, and today they confirmed that I've reached it. Heh. So now I'm on my way to making GOLD status which means all kinds of perks and shit for the next 3 years, basically (1 year of just-earned silver, 1 year of gold when I qualify mid-2007, 1 year of silver after i fail dismally to requalify): lounge access whatever class I fly is the best one though, natch ;-)

Mmm. Pre-beer curry with the Archers looms large on my horizon. Mushroom dopiaza here I come!

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