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Saturday, September 02, 2006

lighter days ahead

So that's it then. No work for me for the next 2 months, and in less than a week I start my amazing exercise in profligacy. I got into the swing of things yesterday by accidentally spending £100 on CDs and DVDs. I had a plan to buy the new Terrorizer album, but Virgin at Piccadilly didn't have it. What they did have was a 5-for-£30 DVD sale, and I was with film fan Geoff who recommended The History Of Violence to me. Then I spotted The Business, and obviously needed another 3... ended up with The Devil's Rejects, erm, and two others that I can't remember now and the bag with them in is in the other room.

After buying those we went for a pint in the middle of Soho (having been propositioned by 2 whores on the way) and actually had 3. This solved the really bad hangover I was having that the aircon in Virgin had made worse. The hangover was caused by Thursday having been my last day at work until November, a fact I felt necessary to celebrate by having way too much to drink. Ahem. Never going to "Plyr" again though, what a horrifying place...

Anyway, yesterday, after those pints I dragged Geoff deeper into Soho 'cos I still wanted the Terrorizer album. Went in Mister CD and came out with 2 purchases, neither of them by Terrorier. OK, this is it, last stop I promise: Sister Ray will have it.

Came out of Sister Ray with another 5 CDs. One of them was Darker Days Ahead! But I'd failed to stop myself buying a load more stuff too, and Geoff had finally succumbed and came out with a bunch of music too. Heh. A not-so-quick stop at Subway followed during which a hip-hop band of some description turned up, talking about music, racism, and then filming some freestyling (I think) for some DVD or other outside. English lads, and I've no idea who they were. Interesting though. After finishing our feet we headed to the Tattershall Castle, for drinks to celebrate 3 people's birthdays. Massive turnout, I think at one point there might have been more than 20 of us! We certainly took over 4 tables and had people standing too.

I learnt yesterday courtesy of Mark that the Intrepid Fox is shutting and turning into flats. WTF! Geoff wants to come back to London to drink in it next week. I want to resist :-( today is going to be another large day, with Nige on his way down as I type, and I had in my mind a vague plan to avoid alcohol from tomorrow until I jet off on Friday. We'll see how well this plan goes, eh.

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