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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hong Kong, phooey

OK, beginning to think I've cocked up here. Just went out to explore Hong Kong on my first full day. Put on a loose fitting, light, short sleeved shirt, and after 30 minutes walking I'm drenched in sweat and high-tailing it back to my hotel room for some aircon. Erm. Not really sure what to do now. The heat is oppressive and I'm not even in a built-up (by Hong Kong standards) area, not even on the island. I've got at least 3 things to do on my plan for today but before I can do any of them I need to buy an Octopus Card, the nearest outlet of which is about an hour's walk away, and if I attempt it again I'll die of dehydration. I think the hotel has a free shuttle bus to somewhere useful but the concierge wasn't helpful earlier. Not yet 11am and I feel almost imprisoned, Dubai style, by the weather :-( Time to have a sit, a think, and put on a darker shirt I guess. Nice.

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