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Monday, August 28, 2006


Watched Payback last night. Not that big a fan of Mel Gibson really but as always Sky made it sound pretty good and there was bugger all else worth watching on. Turned out to be pretty. Gibson plays a criminal called Porter who was left for dead after some shenanigans involving his wife and a partner in crime, 'cept he doesn't actually die. Typical revenge flick -- probably why I liked it so much, revenge nearly always makes a decent plot -- he starts making a nuisance of himself amongst the stereotypically shady outfit called, err, "The Outfit", a bunch in whose employ the aforementioned partner is. There's also the standard love interest too, a whore who he used to chauffeur.

Basically he's after 70 grand, his share of the haul of the job they were doing when he was(n't) killed, and goes around killing people left right and centre until he gets to the end of level boss. There's some pretty nice/clever bits throughout in the way he stitches up and/or kills a few people. Mind you I was most amused by reading the continuity error bit on the IMDB page about 2 seconds before the exact scene it refers to happened, so I got to see it.

Dunno what films to watch today. Got Being John Malkovich on the Sky box, well, that and a shitload of others, but I've also got the Football Factory and Schindler's List on DVD that need watching. But before that I'm going to make another attempt at getting that shopping done, and I might grab meself a gourmet burger 'n all.

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