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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

high quality blog entries R us

I've got loads to write and it's all great. But I'm not going to do it right now. Thankfully I was sad as fuck tonight and kept notes on my phone about the things I want to mention when I finally get round to writing up my evening. Not that I noted down everything, but nor did I strictly need to. My memory's thankfully not so totally shot as to forget things like the guy in Subway saying "long time, no see!" to me when I went in there between work & pub this evening. I know I used to go there a lot, but jeez... anyway that wasn't noted (but I did SMS Chris about it, including saying "I should blog this!").

Talking about Chris, it turns out both he and Alex were really quite disappointed with last night's entry. Despite my admitting just how shit it was they each saw fit to take explicit umbrage at the low quality of my writing (not to mention my egregious use of italics) and, in independent-yet-concurrent conversations, the idea of OfBlog was mooted. A watchdog set up specifically to monitor -- and when necessary, complain about -- the quality of blog entries, it genuinely made me wonder if there was any mileage in setting such a thing up (as a blog, obviously). On the surface a place where the three of us could quote dreadful blog entries and lay into them sounds great. Chris was massively enthusiastic for a good 2 minutes 'n all, after which he said he couldn't be arsed. And TBH I probably can't be either. Alex? If you do it we promise to subscribe...!

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