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Monday, August 21, 2006

friday, part 2

Originally I was supposed to go out with Wooj, Darrell, Hasty, John and Del on Friday. But Wooj hadn't gone to work, I'd come home sick, Del had put us on hold saying he felt ill too, and John had had something come up, I let Hasty know and it was all off. So I stayed in watching stuff on Sky+ and noticed, when Loz phoned Wooj because he couldn't get me, that my phone said "Inactive SIM" on the front. Bit odd, that! Rebooted the phone and it came back next time with "No access to network", third time the message was something different but I can't remember what now. Either way it was fucked. Sigh. Kept turning it off and on again a bunch of times but it did no good, so eventually I phoned Orange up. Turns out it was all their fault. Pah.

While doing all that I'd emailed the Raj in Surbiton to order a curry. Foolishly I thought that because they have a website, because they say on that website that you can order by email, and because the email is order@theraj-surbiton.co.uk, I thought this was a reasonable thing to do. not so! After waiting about 45 minutes Wooj called 'em up to chase and they said "Oh, we don't take orders over email". Well done! They must have got the message though 'cos after placing the order on the blower it turned up in about 15 minutes. Nice 'n all, although the Korai Murgi Masala could do with a few fewer vegetables.

What on earth is going on in this country? TERROR plots, a plane to Malaga not flying because passengers didn't like these two Arab fellas, and now BBC news has just said an Arab family was booted off the London Eye today for not much more than just being an Arab family. Christ on a stick. :-(

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