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Sunday, July 09, 2006

still no k800i ffhs

Bloody hell. Orange really don't want me to upgrade my phone. Well, they probably do, just not to the handset I want. Just went into one of their shops in Kingston and got told the k800i is only available to new customers. So much for all that "we treat existing customers the same as new ones" guff they come out with. But! The fella said to call customer services and I could upgrade that way. Shame customer services disagreed. Sigh. I'd buy it SIM-free if it weren't for the fact I need a 3G SIM/tarrif to go with it.

I reckon on jukeboxes, as well as paying extra to put your tunes to the front of the queue, you should be able to stump up to change the volume. On comes Pantera, shove another quid in to push the volume up, job done.

Jimmy Connors is wearing a fucking horrible shirt on TV at the moment. And he needs a haircut.

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Anonymous said...

The dude I spoke to fobbed me off too, but said that the k800 will be available for upgrades shortly - "Monday is usually the day that these things happen, so call back tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then I'd say it would be within the next couple of weeks"