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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

audience already

Bloody hell, turns out someone -- and someone I know at that -- has actually found and read this stuff already. Hi Alex ;-)

Nice to hear Cronaldo getting jeered every time the little twat touches the ball in the semi on BBC.

Put filthy leftist Owen's birthday in my calendar today so I can get the date right in the future. This despite having known him for, what, nigh-on 14 years? I wished him happy birthday, albeit qualifying it by admitting to guessing the date, at 9am this morning -- a week early. Mind you he was a few days early for mine last week, so as he said, "we're even". I'll get his right next year mind ;-)

I can't wait 'til I get my next phone -- hopefully next week. I've been desperate for a k800i since I first saw it announced in January or so; well it's finally on the shelves and my 12 month contract with Orange runs out in, I think, 3 days. They've got it on their site (unpriced :-() and accordingly I intend to get my mitts on one in the next couple of weeks for nowt (a threat to leave the network normally does the trick so far as pricing is concerned). My desperation only increased after seeing photos taken with (and of) it on flickr...

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