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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Holiday haiku

Some time on my hands
Seconds From Disaster on
Holiday haiku

Business class travel
Superiority bought
Lounges mean free beer

First, to Gibraltar
Just to pick up my tickets
Cheaper to start there

Just like part of Kent
(Except they drive on the right)
Cool barbary apes

Dubai for three days
Heat oppressive; bus tour dull
Guinness wonderful

A few days at home
Mostly preparing to fly
Much like the Bluetones

Although, I am wrong.
Their album was really called
Expecting To Fly

To Australia
23 hours, with one stop
Film channels broken

Brother in Sydney
Waiting for me, 5am
Sleep is for losers

City centre, beer and pool
Clovelly, then home

Mara's, and the zoo:
My family and other
Animals (Durrell)

Steve Irwin is dead
Australia in mourning
Get over it, sheesh

Boats, bridge, and Bondi
(Junction and beach); monorail
Pokies, racism

Randwick and Manly
Martin Place, Darling Harbour
Kochie on Sunrise

Quick pop interlude:
I like to move it move it
I like to move it

Weekend in Auckland
Boats, the Domain, Sky Tower
Branches of Subway

Volcano, no soil
Hundreds of plants, no wildlife
Too many photos

Sydney flight delayed
Seat 1B, English Darren
Way too much to drink

5 hours coast to coast
Rubbish plane with no TV
Domestic flights suck

Perth and Fremantle
Bon Scott's grave. Let there be rock!
Dolphins in the Swan

Hong Kong. In daytime,
Grey, drab, and way too humid.
Breathtaking at night

Star Ferry, Peak Tram
Ngong Ping skyrail, huge Buddha
Day at the races

Singapore, too hot
Purveyor of magic shoes
Night safari, zoo

Sentosa Island
Six quid fifty pence a pint
You heard. Six fifty.

Half day in HK
Upgraded in the hotel
Early morning flight

Tokyo, Japan
Limousine to hotel
The Marunouchi

English not spoken
Hardly any Diet Coke

Saw the Emperor
Subway tickets a struggle

Ginza, then Antwerp
Watching the guy next to me
Incredibly drunk

Time to get a grip
Explore and experience
Not be defeated

Shinjuku station
Park, with hobos and a shrine
Discarded porn mags

Around Roppongi
Embassies and Hobgoblin
A bar called Boozer

Subway to Ueno
Decided against the zoo;
Watched fountains instead

The Sony building
In Ginza, stopped for a pint
More beer was to come

To Ryogoku
Not on any of my maps
40 beers on tap

Popeye's, a great pub
Beers wheat, smoked, local, foreign
Four pints please, "domo!"

Day in Hakone
To see Mount Fuji

Train to Yumoto
Bus: Motohakone-ko

Pirate ship on lake
Ropeway to the cablecar
Back to Yumoto

Cans for the journey
English pub, the Rose and Crown
So long, Tokyo

Time travel is odd
Timezone I to timezone R
A very long day


Back down to Earth. Bump.
Two eight five bus to Kingston
A fat cat no more.

At home now. Work soon.
But an extra three days off

Might go out quite soon
These boots are made for walking
That's just what they'll do.


Fistynuts said...

Shut the fuck up
Get to the pub for some beer
You fucking Londoner

Fistynuts said...

Oh great, I fucked it up and now blogger won't let me delete my own comment. Cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts cunts

Loz said...

Nige is a gaylord
Even gayer than Darren
And can't count to five