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Monday, September 04, 2006

Violence is golden

Watching Desperado at the moment. I'm sure I've seen a film just like this, with Antonio Banderas in it even, but not actually this film. Not sure what it might be or whether I'm just making it up or what. Either way, this is pretty good so far (been watching for about 40 minutes, after giving up on I'm Gonna Git You Sucka because I'd missed the first 30 or so minutes, and because it wasn't as good as my memory had told me it was). Banderas just shot a shitload of people up in the bar where most of the action so far has taken place and he had a very nice line in shooting from behind his back, and kind of flicking his gun at people. Hmm, and right now he's covered in blood.

It's the 3rd film I've watched today. Or is it 4? Hold on, let me count.

  1. Desperado
  2. The Football Factory
  3. The Business
  4. My Cousin Vinny

4 it is then. Numbers 2 and 3 on the same day (and, in fact, back to back) might prove a little much for some people because they are so damn similar, but I bloody loved it. Danny Dyer is superb, and there being so many other actors in both films wasn't that off-putting at all. In fact it may have been more off-putting had they been playing radically different characters in each, but since they were playing nigh-on identical ones it was fine.

One thing The Business and The Football Factory prove are that something I was chatting about with Nige and Wooj yesterday definitely holds true: the British swear better than anyone else. Now, I'm aware my opinion is only really valid when talking about the English language, because in reality I've no idea at all what a stream of expletives in any other language sounds like, but we've really got it down pat for our eponymous tongue. The yanks can say fuck and bullshit fairly well but are useless at saying cunt, and don't have a clue about wanker and bollocks. Aussies and Kiwis are pretty rubbish 'n all. But Scots do it well, northerners do it well, and Londoners do it superbly.

Watching 4 films in a day probably gives away the fact that I've been monstrously lazy. But y'know, it's a Sunday and I'm on a 2 month holiday, so fuck it. There'll be a lot more films to come. I want to go see Snakes On a Plane before buggering off but I dunno if I'll find the time. One thing I definitely need to do this week is catch up with John and Hasty who have both been trying to get hold of me over the past 2 or 3 days and I've been really fucking rudely slack in getting back to them (ie, I haven't yet) :-(

Oh, hold on, I've seen 5 films today, 'cos I also watched Jet Li's "Twin Warriors". That was superb. Masses of wirework, definitely no Ong Bak, and an intro that went on for way too long, but an enormous amount of fight scenes and having Michelle Yeoh in a film is a definite recipe for success (I became a fan after seeing Wing Chun t'other night, although I'm sure I've seen her in other stuff too). Twin Warriors fooled me a bit though. Not strictly a revenge flick, it's about 2 tearaways who are (obviously) fantastic at kung-fu but a bit rubbish at the whole discipline-and-being-a-good-monk thing, so they get booted out of the Shaolin school in which they group up and learnt their shit and go their separate ways. It's the time spent as kids that makes the intro too long, although it also takes an awful long time for them to actually separate, because there's a good chunk spent being non-monk tearaways too. But once the plot kicks in it's mainly fight after fight after fight, except for a pretty odd sequence where Jet Li turns into a mental before a montage fixes him up. The ending is the bit that really fooled me though, and I won't spoil it here despite knowing deep down that no-one reads my blog (and certainly not for film reviews or recommendations).

The films on BA out of Europe in September look rubbish. I keep forgetting they don't have video on demand and am wondering if I can shove myself on a Qantas(-operated) flight to Sydney in a couple of weeks.

Heh. I come up on google if you search for vsnotplctz now, despite chris's attempt to steal that honour from me.

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