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Sunday, September 03, 2006

dryer days ahead

By 'eck was yesterday ever a big 'un. I wasn't feeling too shabby after Friday, and managed to get into town perfectly timed to meet Nige off his train down from Manchester. Turned down his offer of a cheese and ham pastry 'cos I was determined to buy a breakfast in the boozer which we were heading to. Ended up not eating, drinking loads, chatting lots of shit, meeting Ben, meeting Mark, then leaving halfway through the England game because a shitload of proper trouble turned up, escorted by a van load of coppers. Didn't see any trouble actually kick off but a pretty scary atmosphere descended over the pub about 5 minutes after they all arrived. We moved pub for the second half and then headed to Waterloo (Markless) for a few more drinks with Wooj in the Hole In The Wall. Left there way before closing to go get a curry in the Raj, in which we ended up being the last punters.
Mate in a state

Felt pretty fucking dreadful again today. Already broke my "no alcohol 'til Friday" thing by having about 3/4 of a pint of Guinness over lunch, oh well. Just watched My Cousin Vinny which was pretty good and now I've got Brazil -vs- Argentina on TV while I'm ripping my new CDs.

Really surprised to see that some my my youtube videos have been viewed over 100, or 200, times! Obviously I'm not video-blogging-geriatric or whatever but I'm easily pleased.

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Fistynuts said...

Dryer days? I wish! I just can't stop shovelling lovely beer down my neck.