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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Must. Stop. Photographing. Everything.

6pm on Sunday evening here IN THE FUTURE and, um, I've got around 330 photos from the past 48 hours or so to upload. Auckland could really do with not having such picturesque stuff to take photos of. Mind you I have a feeling that shitloads of the photos I took today won't be any good at all, so perhaps I'll only have 150 or so in the end.

I'd write something about yesterday now, except I can't be arsed. There's nothing to write about Friday because despite actually being in livelyville, I didn't go anywhere. Just had a couple of cans in the hotel room out of the minibar, caught up on shitloads of THE INTERNET and watched TV. But yesterday and today have been pretty full on, as you will one day see.

Tomorrow my flight is at 1325. Checkout from the hotel is at 1100, but I'll want to be out quite a bit before then if I'm to make my next frequent-flyer-game move at the Qantas desk before lapping up a bit more lounge goodness. In particular the idea of using airport bandwidth rather than (costly) hotel bandwidth is tempting where the photos are concerned, although whether I'll have time to upload all them photos is debatable.

The big problem is that after I checkout, I have no internet until Wednesday evening in Perth. Not looking forward to the flight there anywhere near as much as all the others, because despite it being a nice 5hr journey in fatcat class the fuckers at Qantas don't let you in a lounge if you're flying domestic. FFHS! That flight is 2.5 times the distance/time of the international flight to Auckland! I think I'll give sweet-talking the agent at the desk a go and see if I can't get an invitation. Pfft. Right.

But yeah, long day tomorrow though. As well as getting up and to the airport early (shower, pack, buffet breakfast, checkout, cab), a 3hr flight to a place 2hrs in the past means it only takes 1hr. See? So whereas Monday 18th September didn't exist, Monday 25th September is 26 hours long and there's a full evening in Sydney to enjoy. Personally I want to drop the bags off and then go out pubbing, I think, 'cos that's something I've not done yet and doing so on Tuesday night comes laden with the potential for flying while hungover. Never a good idea, especially without a lounge in which to have a postponing dog hair or two... anyway, I wonder how much hard work it will be to convince Kevin, Sally, and Mara that going out on the piss on a Monday night is a good idea.

Hmm. Panic! At The Disco sound like Fallout Boy, and to my utmost annoyance I've found myself liking the latter (and, therefore, the former) recently. "lalalalala cock it and pull it", etc. Goddamn emo rubbish being all catchy and shit. Thank fuck I've placed a moratorium on buying any CDs 'cos they're too heavy to cart around the fucking world, hopefully by the time I get back to England this phase will have passed.

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