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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Forgotten foresight rules

Been back at the hotel for a while after an earlier trip out, just doing a lot of nothing really. Looking at my flights and hotels mainly, and thinking a lot about the days and weeks ahead. Seems I had the great idea to book hotel transfer in Hong Kong, which gets one of my major worries out of the way. Perth will be easy to deal with and a car is getting me in Singapore too, so it's only (only!) Japan which remains truly daunting. Am I wrapping myself in cotton wool too much? I'm not sure. Does "getting from airport to hotel" count as part of the adventure?

Housekeeping didn't fill up my mini-bar today :-( mind you I'd not anywhere near finished it all yesterday, and haven't finished the remainder today. But still, pfft.

I wish there was a way for me to choose my seats on the Qantas and Cathay Pacific flights I've got coming up. I guess I could if I joined their frequent flyer schemes, but that seems a bit much (and that's coming from me!). I don't really know why I care, I guess it's just because being able to pick where I'm sitting is a novelty that hasn't yet worn off.

In the course of looking at flights this evening I've been checking how busy each flight is using my expertflyer.com subscription -- gah, I hate that. How can I be an "expert" flyer? I'm just a guy with a lot of flights booked, there's no fucking expertise involved, sheesh -- and I think I've got the whole of business class to myself for the next few weeks. I noticed I leave Singapore a bit late so wondered about changing the flight time, but the most attractive option involved a stop in Bangkok which probably isn't too wise at the moment.

I'm tired. The annoying thing about not having a TV in the bedroom here is that I can't fall asleep in front of it. I like radio but having the TV on shuts my brain down far more effectively, because I don't find myself lying in the dark thinking too quickly and loudly to myself. I'm too busy being distracted by the tube to be my own distraction, and I'm not a great fan of lying awake for an hour or two with only my thoughts for company. Oh well.

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