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Monday, August 07, 2006

Guilfest - Saturday

Maybe I'll write more about the trip to Ireland sometime, but I guess before I do that I should finish up chatting about Guilfest. So here, after an evening in Wetherspoons, Surbiton, with Archers Loz, Yvonne and Freya, may I present what passes for a recollection of Saturday 15th July 2006.

After getting home so late, and staying up even later, I needed some sleep. So I had some. Not masses, like, 'cos I've never been a big one for sleeping late (except for when I was at uni, where I alternated between incredible laziness and ridiculous feats of sleep deprivation, often within the same week -- 7 days with 16 hours rest in total followed by a single ~18 hour sleep springs to mind). Not sleeping late suited me anyway, since I wanted to get back down to Guildford for day 2. But then I realised it could wait, because the test match was on and we weren't doing half bad... at the time. Strauss declared too late though :-( Anyway... I watched the session until lunch and then headed on down to the festival. Didn't do a lot of phoning or SMSing to find out where people were although I was told about a vague plan to be near the second stage. Wandered near there but saw no-one, so I wandered around everywhere else too. Bought a beer and then carried on wandering (there really was a lot of that going on) and eventually found the others by the second stage after all.

We saw a bit of Kovak, who sounded pretty good and who Keen thought might be featuring someone he went to university with. He didn't recognise anyone though. Now I'm looking at the lineup on the Guilfest website and, uh, I can't remember seeing any of the acts until A-ha. Oh, wait, I saw the Hedrons too, and they were alright. Very Scottish. But mostly I guess we just all drank, ate, and perhaps spent a bit of time back at Anne's folks' house on the road opposite. Was it Saturday when we went for a wander to the model railway thing that was actually shut, or was that Sunday? Damn it, if there was ever an argument for blogging at a time remotely close to the time an event actually happened, this is it.

InMe aren't playing

And flickr doesn't help me either. I took photos of crap on the Saturday. No bands or anything. The headliners in the rock cave that night cancelled (as you can see in the photo), but in all honesty I can't remember if I wanted to see them anyway. It might have been nice but let's face it -- I've now seen A-ha do Take On Me live. What's not to like about that?

Didn't try and be too clever on the way home, but ended up going to sleep about the same time anyway. Bah.

This is a shit blog entry! I should be ashamed of myself. Especially because I gained a new reader today. I mean, I'm not ashamed, but at least I recognise that I should be.

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