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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross

I just sent this to the BBC:

I'd like to register my disapproval of the BBC's handling of the Ross and Brand prank call affair.

It is my sincere wish that the BBC had defended its stars more vigorously, and I am shocked and disappointed by the apparent kowtowing to an angry mob which has occurred in recent days. Prank phone calls -- funny or not, targeting the general public or celebrities -- have been a staple of radio for years, yet such an obvious defence seems absent from the reports I have seen; although this is not my main concern. What perturbs and, in fact, offends me the most is that the BBC's reaction seems to betray a willingness to pander to the fleeting, agenda-fueled witch-hunts perpetrated by the less salubrious members of our fourth estate. As a result I cannot help but expect a downturn in progressive, risk taking, experimental or groundbreaking programme making.

Brand and Ross's call was of course none of those things -- but having "won" their attack on mainstream targets over a frankly innocuous and childish prank, the press will justifiably feel vindicated and empowered to push their agenda again and again in the future. A consistent BBC will surely comply, although I hope I am wrong.

God it winds me up. The Daily Mash has the right idea.

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auswomble said...

whole heartedly agree