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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sydney, days 1 and 1.5

Just about to nod off but thought I'd write something here first. It's coming up to 1530 on Friday afternoon and we're knackered.

Not exactly stereotypical Australian weather here, it must be said. We arrived yesterday morning to torrential rain at 6am when Kevin and Sally met us at the airport. 45 minutes from landing to airside despite not using the Express Arrival lanes. The rain stayed pouring until we got to their house, and after the tour and dumping our bags Sal went to work. Kevin took Ruth and I to our first box-ticking venture, a mostly dry affair at Bondi Beach. We parked almost in Bronte and walked the coastal path to Bondi itself, heading inland when the heavens re-opened for some breakfast at Paris Go(?). Back to and along the beach afterwards, we spent a little while watching a nutter swimming around the rocks at the northern edge. It was windy and the ocean was pretty mean.

Walked back along the same coastal path and to the car, then came back to Willoughby for 3 hours kip while Kevin took Rowlf out for a swim. The evening was a BIG box-ticker for Ruth, as she went to a ballet at the Sydney Opera House. Prior to the performance the 4 of us had beer and chips at a bar; and ... OK I'm fading here, so this is the end of the post. I'm just dryly and dully listing what we did in linear fashion and it's not fun to write which means it's probably even less fun to read than normal. Maybe I'll write something better before tonight's pub crawl. Not likely though.

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