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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gomshall to Guildford

A proper length walk today, 9.5 miles from Gomshall to Guildford. Photos here. There's 51 photos out of 66 uploaded at the time of writing. Particularly nice one of a big cock. No GPS track because it broke. I should have used the everytrail app even though it won't upload properly, at least it records. Oh well. I also really can't be arsed trying to draw it on everytrail or gmap-pedometer or runningmap or anywhere else, it's a proper pain in the arse especially when most of it isn't on roads, so find it out for yourself...

... because it's route number 14 in the TimeOut book of Country Walks, volume 1, and briefly described at that book's website. Book says 9.2 miles but a brief mishap just after the recommended pub lunch means I'm adding on a bonus 0.3. Lots of the walk is beautiful (especially in today's weather), but a bunch of it is fairly boring too, and the mud sucks. Recommended overall though. So that's 26.7 miles now.

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