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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Oh my word. Once upon a time I took this photo of a slice of bread pudding a cafe near here served me. It used to be my favourite cafe ever 'cos it sold omelette-in-a-bun. Those days are over but nonetheless I still pop in fairly regularly to get an egg mayo sarnie. And that's what I did today, and sheesh did they ever sort me out.

My order: egg mayo in a large soft roll, and a slice of bread pudding. This should have cost about £3.50 I think, the BP is certainly a quid but their pricing for sarnies and rolls has always been somewhat erratic. Anyway, he charged me £3.10, ringing up 70p for the BP, and then gave me £2 back from the fiver I handed over. So I spent £3 on lunch.

The egg mayo soft roll was enormous. I mean it's a large roll anyway, but the amount of filling, cripes. But then came the bread pudding... I knew I was in trouble when I carried the two things back in one hand and my wrist hurt by the time I was at my desk, but even then I wasn't quite prepared for the majesty which awaited.

Look. At. The. Size. Of. My. Three. Quid. Lunch.


No, really. Look at the size of it. Look at the can of diet coke for reference. Then look at this photo of my hand on the bread pudding.

bread pudding size



auswomble said...

bread pudding rocks. Only thing better than bread pudding is a sodding great slab of bread pudding.

Ruth said...

A whole week since the last blog? Come on Foreman! More! Now.