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Monday, November 27, 2006

from Darren in Surbiton

I forgot to big myself up like a media whore! My name was read out on the radio twice yesterday. In fact it may even have been 3 times, but various issues with my phone conspired to make me miss at least one of the times that Bob and Andy read out short jokes on their show in the afternoon (I SMSed in with "Anarchists only drink herbal tea. Proper tea is theft"), and XFM don't have a listen again thing. But I know for a fact that the "Darren from Surbiton" mentioned twice on Natasha's breakfast show on 6music was me. And if you're reading this before December 3rd or so you can go hear it here. It happens in the second hour, can't remember the exact times I'm afraid. She asked people to SMS in with artists-as-rhyming-slang suggestions and I got 2 out of 3 read out, go me! For some reason she wasn't taken by "I'm just off for a Johnny Cash". :-(

Bloody hell, the office ain't half quiet at 8am on a Monday.

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