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Friday, October 06, 2006

Singapore New Dells

Nope, not bought a laptop, just wanted to use that title really. I'm leaving Singapore today and right now I'm not sure I have enough time to write up my last day in Hong Kong, let alone any of the days spent here, but hopefully I'll be able to from the Cathay lounge this afternoon.

The nachos pronunciation saga extends as I receive this response from my bro, who has started blogging 'cos he's not got anything better to do with his days at the moment. Get a job, hippy. And tell me, what do you eat when you visit Taco Bell?

This hotel has a pool. I'm off to use it. Then I need to buy a bag because I've bought enough stuff on this trip that my main one is finally overflowing (not that I'm the best packer in the world). But that's only one reason: I've also found out that Cathay Pacific will check my luggage through from Singapore all the way to Tokyo, ie check it in for tomorrow morning's flight even though it's a stopover and separate ticket rather than me being in transit. So I need a smaller bag in which to put a change of clothes, and now I can avoid carting the main one all the way to the hotel and back in Hong Kong.

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Danivon said...

Darren, you are right. As it's a Spanish word, the plural is also spanish (so it doesn't have the 'e'_. They don't change the pronounciation of a vowel when they pluralise...

And the dictionary link in Kev's blog doesn't actually say how to pronounce 'nachos', only 'nacho'.

By the way - enjoying your tales of the orient

(this is Owen btw)