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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well, I wanted an adventure I guess

Hmm. the blog entry prior to the lounge rage one wasn't as explicit as I meant it to be. The point I was (badly) trying to make was not that I was accessing the Internet from a plane; the point was I was accessing the Internet using my mobile from a stationary plane parked on a taxi/runway at Abu Dhabi airport, some 90 minutes or so (IIRC) after I was supposed to have arrived in Dubai. This shows what happened (in a somewhat cack-handed way; basically my 0730 arrival turned into a 1044 arrival):

more later. I need some kip. I've shitloads to write, but the worst thing is that flickr is banned in Dubai so I can't upload any photos until I get back to Blighty on Wednesday :-(

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