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Saturday, September 16, 2006

send off

Not a bad send off from AFC Wimbledon today. Went to see them play Horsham in the FA Cup after visiting Dad this morning (delivering some shopping, sorting out his PC and making sure he can keep in contact with me while I'm away etc). It was a great game, despite the ref trying to spoil it by being a total fucking disgrace, and we won 1-0 with a goal in injury time. Best of all was the announcement over the PA at half time that I'd won 450 quid in the monthly prize draw (the "Dons Draw"). Fucking results!

Tomorrow I go to the airport early. Dunno quite how early just yet... thinking about getting there for 6pm, which is 4 hours before the flight, because not only do I want to make the most of the lounge but I have to visit the BA desk first. Only thing is I really feel like watching the 2 big Premiership games tomorrow. Maybe a cab at 6pm will do.

The reason I need to visit the BA desk is because I'm once again making life hard for myself. I've never turned up at an airport to try and get on a flight which the ticket I have isn't for, but tomorrow I'm doing just that: booked on BA15 on Monday, as previously mentioned I got it moved to BA15 tomorrow. Well, the ticket still says Monday, obviously, and I need to get BA to understand that it's valid. That part should be easy; the other part is that in terms of playing the sad plane geek frequent flyer game I also got the travel agent to change my flights between Sydney and Auckland next weekend: I'm flying on exactly the same flights, but my booking is now on the BA marketed flight numbers rather than the Qantas flight numbers (they are Qantas flights). The reason for doing this is beacuse it triples the amount of BA tier points I earn for the flights... 240 instead of 80. Believe me, this is good news.

That's today and the future dealt with; yesterday I went to the Cocks with Wooj, Harv and Yvonne for a night of mostly me talking about my holiday, and all of us talking about metal. Got home and ordered pizza, our choice of vendor based entirely on who will deliver alcohol with the food (Topps do). The night before I'd been out with John and Hasty in Wimbledon, an as-predicted big 'un. I don't remember the exact topics we ranged over but I do remember at one point we decided that an opinion Hasty expressed was either right, or he was being a cunt: the conclusion was that he was being a right cunt.

Nerves setting in a bit. Gibraltar only kept me for a few hours, Dubai for just a few days. But now I'm about to escape Europe's gravitational pull and be out of the UK for the longest continuous period in my life so far. Eek! There's still a safety net: the first few days being spent with family, then a weekend away in Auckland, then family again; but as of next Friday I've got 3 weeks on me own in a host of foreign lands. Whoa. Mind you, it's the good type of nerves -- I'm fucking stoked! Bring on Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. Although I'm still not sure about spending any time in a capsule hotel just because lots of other people want me to... ;-) I also have instructions to visit the Namco museum, and take photos of toilets. Hmm.


Fistynuts said...

Have a good one mate!

Mark said...

good luck, not that you'll need it (madman!)