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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Picture this. And this. And this. And ...

Back in the hotel room for a rest after a genuinely active day so far (except for the 2 hours in the pub). Before I start writing about Sydney I'm just putting all the photos on my laptop rather than flickr, turns out I have at least 215 from Sydney, and 137 (so far) from Auckland. Eek! They can't possibly all be any good, but I'm not sure how many I'll discard tbh... I have seen a lot of cool things. Ho hum. I guess the price for going over the 50mb/day limit isn't prohibitively expensive so I should just fucking get on with it. The real arse is going to be giving each one a title and tags. I'd best get on with it I guess. Fucking hell this film with Kevin Costner in it that's on at the moment sounds like a shocking load of trite nonsense. I wish there was a decent TV channel on this hotel's system FFHS.

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