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Monday, September 11, 2006

Jumeirah sunset

Ah, what a lazy day. Went back to sleep this morning and set my phone's alarm to wake me up at 1000. Unfortunately my phone is set to UK time, so it wasn't going to go off until 1300 local. I woke up of my own volition around midday and decided to go sit by the pool for a bit before maybe doing a bus tour. Despite being sat in the shade and barely moving I still ended up sweating like a bastard when reading a book for an hour outside so I changed my shirt and moved to the lobby. Turned down the offer of some Arabic coffee, as did everyone else in the area. The poor guy serving it looked pretty hurt, he kept offering it to loads of people and I didn't see a single person accept it.

Since then I've just been lazing the day away in my hotel room. The sun has been shining directly on my room's balcony all afternoon which makes it way too hot to sit out there, but it's setting now (almost 6pm here) and the view is spectacular. It'd be much nicer to sit there and take it in if there wasn't a huge construction site (of course) between me and the beach, but still... actually maybe with the time getting on the temperature outside might be just about bearable. I might go for a walk on the beach, innit.

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