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Monday, August 14, 2006


Since getting my k800i -- 12th July, although I actually started getting them on my old phone a couple of days previous to that -- I've received 48 SMSes from a number I don't recognise and can't find on the 'net. It's a UK number and the SMS is the same each time: one word, if you can call it a word...


What the hell is that shit? Yahoo doesn't know anything about it, nor Google. It looks like Polish l33t-speak but the only guy I know in Poland with a UK phone number claims not to be behind it. I'm getting at least one a day (although didn't get any on August 5th or July 31st), at various times of day but most days I get one at dead on 3am. Less than convenient, that, especially when I forget to put my phone on silent before going to sleep.

But anyway. What the hell is going on? If it were phone calls and heavy breathing or whatever then I'd report it to someone (Orange or the police, I guess) but as it goes I'm just intrigued by it and wondering how long it'll last and whether I'll ever get an explanation. I could phone the number up and just ask (for both an explanation and for them to fucking stop it), but where's the fun in that?

ps big up floAt's Mobile Agent for being precisely the bit of software I was after (making totting up the total number of vsnotplctzs nice and easy, even if I do have 4 or 5 of them from Chris and Mark :-P)

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