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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Full Contact

Chow-yun Fat is such an ace actor. Watched Full Contact tonight, I'd forgotten I had seen it before until remembering the very first scene.

AFC Wimbledon played at home tonight, against Ramsgate. We drew - "this match is for people who like S&M - 90 minutes of domination but no scoring" said Jonesy.

Going to attach a photo to this email just to see if it works. Doubt it will. It's one I took in Germany in June! It never even made flickr and probably won't make blogspot.

WTF, radio 4 just had a bit of news about a guy proving a famous mathematical conjecture. It made no sense at all! And now the weather guy is Darren Bent, a likely story.

Getting a recorded delivery in the morning so hopefully I can go in late(r). Bet the twat turns up at 0730! But nothing should ruin a day on which Fleshrot are playing!

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