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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

back home

the plane, finally
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Back home now. Well, back in Blighty, and at work. Ho hum. My French boss is being very respectful, trying not to gloat about the weekend, which is nice.

Plane last night was delayed by 45 minutes, sigh. Journey finished by almost getting run over on Ewell Road in Surbiton, well, I would have done if I hadn't thought "hold up, this fucker's not going to stop" at the pedestrian crossing. Sure enough he screeched on his brakes and ended up straddling the precise area I would have been stood on if I'd set off as the man went green. Twat was on his fucking non-hands-free mobile phone while driving, but I didn't manage to get his licence plate. Dunno what I would have done with it anyway mind, reported him to the rozzers maybe? Who knows.

I can't get the Arctic Monkeys out of my head. Yesterday it was "don't do major credit cards, I doubt she does receipts it's all not quite legitimate..." for a few hours, this morning it's all "what do you know? oh you know nothing... but I'd still take you home, yeah I'd still take you home". I've not even been listening to them, well, not since last Thursday. Bought Q magazine on the way in this morning which has a CD full of 80s covers on it and I'd give that a listen to try and force the Yorkshiremen out but for the fact that while typing this sentence I've realised I left my headphones at home. Bollocks.

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