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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jack Penate

He's wonderful. He's got a myspace and I've been listening to the songs on there pretty much on rotation all day (except for the couple of hours when I headed over to Yahoo! LAUNCHcast and got treated to a 28 minute Manowar epic). Anyway. Jack Penate's great. I don't even care that I got loads of abuse for using the word "skiffle" in the office. All hail Jack Penate. I think I'm going to go to his single launch party in a couple of weeks. He's great. Great I tell ya. Great.

PS thanks to Zane Lowe for playing Jack Penate this week, otherwise I dunno if I'd ever have heard of him

1 comment:

Loz said...

Sorry dude, can't agree with you here. All a bit wet for my liking. He sounds incredibly similar to Ben (in my family), and that will never do.

Singer songwriters like this make me want to go out and stamp on snails :)